our best plan fees for 2024

We provide a complete start to finish planning service for a pre-agreed all-inclusive fixed price. Our prices are firm. There are

  • No extras, 
  • No hidden charges  
  • No unpleasant surprises.

We do not charge on a percentage of the works basis. Instead we will quote a fee which will be fixed throughout the duration of the project even if some revisions to drawings are required.

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Structural calculations are not included with this estimate, as they are a bespoke item and particular to the property, we will need to review the site as part of our initial verification process and we will include a quote for this by email reply that will include our fees .

Price guide.
loft conversion structural calculation packs start from £325 and £90 per beam for extensions, just to give you an idea.

We have adapted our services over the years to provide our clients with the best value for money. We offer several opportunities for you to get a great quote for your project.

Our prices will vary  type of extension or alteration required and service level, for our latest plan fees and offers please use our contact form. just complete one form and you will receive a no obligation quote within 48 hours or an estimate above instantly.

We will provide a full itemized quote that will allow you to customise your quote. 

Council planning fees

These fees may very slightly depending on authority

permitted development applications

£86 Approximately

Full planning  applications (house holder)

£175 Approximately

New build / Flat conversions

£385 Approximately

Zayaan Nixon

The best quote service

I recommend using Sharpeplans quick estimate service, I used it to get my quote and found that the actual quote was the same, It’s generated over 3 pages and you get your estimate before you need to enter any personal details, the price was great and much less than expected and like I said the fee quoted was what I paid.

Arwen Bailey

Our architect let us down - Thank my luky stars

Our previous architect was a family friend who had prepared plans for our family for years, he was extremely busy last year and couldn’t help us with our planed extension. A colleague recommended Sharpeplan and I must say I found them like a berth of fresh air, there prices were great. And design advice very informative. Our design brief changed somewhat thanks to the thoroughness of Sharpeplans design process and I believe we arrived at a design that better suited our needs


Compare for the best service, not the cheapest.

We shopped around over a 2 month period, we received around 6 quotes from different architects the price and service varied considerably. We settled on a shortlist of 3, the lowest of which failed to reply to follow up enquiry, Sharpeplan quote and range of services clenched the deal, they were very transparent about their fees and I’m glad to say they delivered on the service

Pick and mix savings

By offering a partial service. We can further reduce the costs of your quote.

for example,

If you already have a set of draft drawings for your proposal, then we can to prepare your building regulation compliant  drawings see page link below.

Prepare building regulation drawings form my drawings.

You can also opt for a self survey package this will allow you to make a saving on our survey costs. recommended for builders and other property professionals.

Package Discounts

Our pricing structure offers the greatest discount for multiple services. So if you employ our full suite of services averagely you will save around 30 percent as opposed to taking the services individually. This is because a planning drawing that's prepared by us will be seen as a feeder service for the building regulation drawings. So in essence we are required to do less work to furnish the required application this is our honest stance and we find that being transparent in this way will allow our clients and ourselves to work seamlessly.

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