House Extensions Designs

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It starts with ​plans

We design your extension in line with your requirements, we can advise and suggest design ideas and solutions.

With planning laws relaxed your extension can allow more flexibility with your design.

With our full design packages we will submit both your planning and building control applications, we include structural steel / timber calculations in prices quoted.

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Your extension will generally fall into one of the following categories permitted development or full planning permission. If you are proposing to use the extension for habitable purposes you will also be required to gain building control approval.

Clarification so that's two separate applications to two different departments at your local council, one to the planning department and one for building control department. Both interested in different aspects of your proposed extension. The planning department will generally be looking at the external appearance and design, whilst building control will be looking at the structure and ensuring standard are met.

Our service has been tailor made to provide this exact service. from elevations, floor plans, sections, section details, drainage layout, steel, rafter and floor joist layout,

structural calculations for all steels, footings, rafters, columns, retaining walls all unique to your property.

Top three questions to ask you’re self

1. What can I build on my property?

It is important to know what you can build on your site before you decide what you want to build. Some properties will be allowed to build a two storey rear extension under permitted development law.

2. Your design, concept, brief.

Once you know what you can build the design work can begin. Space separation and uses, light and interior design, are all things to be considered. This may sound complicated or seem more trouble than it’s worth but a well-designed extension will make the difference between an extension that works well and one that doesn't. We will cover the above and concepts to assist your design maximise your space on our site survey.

3. What will you be using your new space for?

Fixed Fees and pricing.

Strict pricing quotations specifically for your project requirement, we believe this is the only way for our clients to receive true value for money without paying for services they don't require.

We will issue an itemised quotation that will be fixed throughout the duration of your design project, this could be as long as two months. "two months" I here you say, that's right most application will take around six to eight weeks to receive a decision from your planning and building regulation departments,

We submit your applications to local council and deal with any revisions that may be requested consulting you all the way absolutely free of charge. This means that the form you fill out to receive your quotation is the only form you will be required to fill out.

We provide full planning and building regulation plans for you house extension we offer competitive rates without compromise on a professional service.

Were to start ?

Here are some simple steps forward to gain the planning permission and building regulations approval  for your project

  1. ​Contact us here
  2. ​We will review your proposal
  3. ​We will then provide you with our quotation with associated fees and services you may require we may also provide advice
  4. ​If you are happy with your quotation just reply that you would like to go ahead and we will allocate you with an onsite consultation, survey and get your project started.

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