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Do I Need Planning Permission?

​Do I need planning permission to build an extension? Click here>>

​Do I need planning permission to build a loft conversion?

​Don't assume that your project will automatically need planning permission. Many alterations do not. This depends on what you want to build, some minor alterations and extensions to houses, can often be carried out without the need for full planning permission. This is known as 'permitted development' or applying for a lawful development certificate.

If you are extending your property you should always check this out. Why not click on one of the links above to find out more or contact us to discuss your proposal, or talk to your local planning department at your local authority they should be able to advise you.

Even if you have had no previous extensions, here are some examples of the type of extensions that in most cases need full planning permission, to give you an idea:

    A dormer window in the roof of your house facing the road;

    A two storey extension;

    An extension to the front of your house, or to the side if it faces a road.

Important! It is recommended that you gain a Certificate of Lawfulness to prove that your project conforms to the conditions set out above. Contact us for further information.

Whether you need planning permission to alter or extend your house depends on the size and position of what you want to do. You may need to know the volume of your proposed extension or an existing extension.

Most alterations to business premises do need planning permission.

No addition without permission!

If you live in a single-family house, you may have ‘permitted development rights’ that allow you to erect garden sheds and small extensions and lofts without full planning permission. we recommend that you apply for a lawful development certificate from your local Council to confirm whether the proposed works are lawful. more about permitted development


Building Control a significant role!

Its not just your local council that can approve your building control plans, there several approved inspectors you can use to approve your project. this usually results in faster approval. if your in a hurry this might be the option for you.


Need A Plan Estimate?

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Need A Plan Estimate?

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