​Garden Rooms

Planning Permission For A garden room

The first question you need to ask yourself when building a garden room is 'do I need to apply for Planning Permission?

The need to apply for planning approval for a garden room will depend on a number of factors particularly where you wish to place the building in your garden, size and if you should live in an area that has been designated as a national park or similar. Providing certain criteria are met and the building is considered permitted development, you can proceed without needing permission. If you want a garden building taller than 2.5m and situated less than 2.0m from a boundary of your property, then you would NEED to apply for planning permission.

​A garden outbuilding can be erected under permitted development if it falls within the size and use criteria of the permitted development document Class E. Whilst the document is clear on the size restrictions, the use often remains a grey area. Consequently, it is advised that advice is sought from the council or a planning consultant before proceeding further.

Design Garden Room

Garden rooms are an efficient way to create additional space, you can utilise an external structure as a flexible garden room that you can use as an office, gym, art studio or even as an annexe to your home, a room in the garden is often a convenient way of extending your home, provided you have the outside space to install one. Depending on its complexity, you can build your own or get a company to do all the hard work for you, making it a relatively straightforward project.

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