Self Survey - Option

want all of the detailed plans with out any of the fuss?

✓ Plans Can Be Ready In 5 Days

✓ Lower Fees than standard architectural services

✓ Planning Consent Submission included

✓ Building Control Submission included

we also offer full services that include site surveys if preferred

If you already have a set of plans you can send them to us and we can prepare a new set for for submission to local council just send a copy along with your contact details to (please remove the #'s) and we will contact you within 24 hours.

how it works 

1. We will send you our surveying pack which will take you through a few simple steps to conducting your own survey you may also choose what type of alteration you require and its layout . (if you have opted to send us a set of plans then go to step 3)

2. You then submit your drawing or property sketch online or by post.

3. We prepare a set draft drawings for you to review. This will include plans and elevations of the existing property layout and also the proposed layout and for a limited time you will also receive our new 3D PDF. At this stage you can make changes as necessary and once you are satisfied that the drawings meet your requirements, we will prepare your final approval Drawings.

We prepare the Approval Drawings based upon the initial Feasibility Drawings and your requested changes.

4.Sharpeplan submit the Planning Application on your behalf. and complete the Application Forms.

5.If any re-submissions or amendments are needed we will complete this under advisement from the Officer at the Local Authority. We will keep you updated on this process and about any changes required.

When we receive a decision regarding your application we will notify you. We will also give you 3 full sets of drawings to allow you to get quotes from builders.

6.once approved your builder may start work


You are then ready to upload drawings to show your clients and print, or submit.

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