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Planning, Building Regulation drawings and services

We provide a true 1-stop Planning and Design service for your home Extension, Loft conversion, or alteration.

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Key Services include:

* Site surveys
* Architectural drawings
* Detailed specification drawings
* Specification writing
* SAP Calculations
* Structural calculations
* Planning application submissions
* Building regulation submissions
* Thames water build over agreements

We can provide you with any one of the above individual services or arrange them into a discounted bundle. Contact us if you require approvals for an:

Where to start? 

We have been providing this level of service for over 10 years so we have probably encountered your type of project before, its always good to get a few quotes - so make ours one of them


  • Free - We don't charge for amendments during the design phase or during the application.

  • Free - We don't charge for application submissions

  • Low Architectural fees ( planning for as little as £375 )

  • Fast efficient service (in as little as 7 working days)

  • All services in one place (Structural calculations, Architectural detailing, SAP Calculation, Thames water applications, Material lists and more)
    Free application submission (including council revision)

  • See our services page

Free design revisions

Design of you home extension is key and we believe you shouldn’t need to pay for revisions. so we don’t charge for revisions during the design faze.

Free form completion and application submission

We include free planning and building regulation submission services, we also stay in contact with the council and follow up with any revision requests as standard

free council revisions

and an application jockey who will monitor the progress of your application and keep you up-to-date of any requests or changes that may be required.

What our clients say:

Zayaan Nixon

The best quote service

I recommend using Sharpeplans quick estimate service, I used it to get my quote and found that the actual quote was the same, It’s generated over 3 pages and you get your estimate before you need to enter any personal details, the price was great and much less than expected and like I said the fee quoted was what I paid.

Arwen Bailey

Our architect let us down - Thank my luky stars

Our previous architect was a family friend who had prepared plans for our family for years, he was extremely busy last year and couldn’t help us with our planed extension. A colleague recommended Sharpeplan and I must say I found them like a berth of fresh air, there prices were great. And design advice very informative. Our design brief changed somewhat thanks to the thoroughness of Sharpeplans design process and I believe we arrived at a design that better suited our needs


Compare for the best service, not the cheapest.

We shopped around over a 2 month period, we received around 6 quotes from different architects the price and service varied considerably. We settled on a shortlist of 3, the lowest of which failed to reply to follow up enquiry, Sharpeplan quote and range of services clenched the deal, they were very transparent about their fees and I’m glad to say they delivered on the service

Simplifying the Planning and design process.


hassle free

Sharpeplans planning consultant services is designed to take the hassle out of gaining approvals needed without paying for services you don’t need. we offer packages with great discounts and a bear-bones service allowing you to remove things that you can complete yourself.


save money

One in three people miss-out on an opportunity to save thousands by choosing a design and build service, most will mark up the architectural fees adding there margin. also locking you in early so you are more likely to use them on the project.

By choosing to take control of the design and approval stages of your project you stand to make a great saving by technically cutting out the middle men. not only that, you stand to make the most out of your proposal because we will help you make informed decisions, with regards to cost and design layout. your plans and documents will then be ready to get quotes from builders. 

We have several builders who use our service in this way, the problem with this is that a builder will usually add a finders fee in some cases its double our fee, also you will usually be locked in by the contract to use that builder.

 5 Quick steps

Get you project underway today!

1. Get quote (48hrs)

2. Book your survey and consultation

3. We prepare plans and ( From 7 working days)

4. We submit your application/s

5. Start build / Get builders quotes.

Find out about design our process


You may not rate it highly on your priority list but design and concept is a key factor to the success of any project, it’s the most exciting stage in applying for planning and building regulation approval, everybody's design pallet is different, if you have thoughts about your kitchen layout, if you would like to explore alternative stair layouts to the new loft conversion, visualising your project will make the difference for design choices,  addressing design and lifestyle needs and concepts and style should be incorporated in the design and is often over looked as a key stage. We advise on what changes you can make and advise on how planning and building regulations apply.

Our planning, design win, win, win service.


It's really easy to get your project started the correct way with minimal fuss. Let us know what you would like to build via our contact us form and we will do the rest from initial consultation through to liaising with planning and building control making amendments to drawings if required, all under one package. We are constantly checking our fees to ensure that we are competitively placed and feel that we provide a range of services that most architectural practices do not provide.

Need A Plan Estimate?

get it in 60 seconds

Need A Plan Estimate?

get it in 60 seconds

Design packages

We have several design packages that completely cover the design and submission of your addition, alternatively you could opt to tailor or service to better suit your requirements. Providing tailor made packages to suit all requirements with a range of unparalleled services. From highly detailed house extension plans to structural calculations we cover full pre build design services at the most competitive rates.

It’s imperative that the process from start to finish is pleasant and runs smoothly, this is why we provide packages that cover all the services you need to gain Planning, Building regulation and Thames water approvals - what's more, once we receive enquiry we will provide you with a free itemised quotation which will allow you to pick the services you wish for us to carry out, allowing you to customise your quote.

High quality planning and building regulation services

As well as our standard high quality planning and building regulation services, we have developed several unique technologies to allow you the developer to take a closer look at the proposed house design, our as-built Three Dimension proposed model Bolt-on service will allow you view your design from any angle inside or out alter lighting affects view building sections, etc.

For our latest general fees you can use our average fee calculator, you will be able to calculate fees associated with your home addition here

Fee Calculator

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We have found that this 3d service has offered our client's unprecedented opportunity to view the extension in a virtual reality setting allowing you the client the best opportunity to make design revision that may not have been realised using traditional plans.

We have found that our clients on the whole are more informed and will make changes at the design stage rather than on site where changes can be costly.

How complex is your proposed alteration? chances are you may require structural calculations to justify safe support of the existing or proposed structure contact us for a quotation. planning and design service, we offer full and part packages for the development of your dream home addition. Planning a loft conversion? find out about the services we offer, get design guidance. news, planning and building regulation submission services. 

House plans with a difference

Providing up to date advice on your project and design ideas you also find examples of our work, find out more about how we can help or take the worry out of applying for planning or building regulation approval.

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