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We handle everything from surveying to approval including application submission at no additional charge, our fees are so competitive you'll be pressed to find a better like for like quote.

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Structural calculations are not included with this estimate, as they are a bespoke item and particular to the property, we will need to review the site as part of our initial verification process and we will include a quote for this by email reply that will include our fees .

Price guide.
loft conversion structural calculation packs start from £325 and £90 per beam for extensions, just to give you an idea.

The best quote service

I recommend using Sharpeplans quick estimate service, I used it to get my quote and found that the actual quote was the same, It’s generated over 3 pages and you get your estimate before you need to enter any personal details, the price was great and much less than expected and like I said the fee quoted was what I paid.

Our architect let us down - Thank my luky stars

Our previous architect was a family friend who had prepared plans for our family for years, he was extremely busy last year and couldn’t help us with our planed extension. A colleague recommended Sharpeplan and I must say I found them like a berth of fresh air, there prices were great. And design advice very informative. Our design brief changed somewhat thanks to the thoroughness of Sharpeplans design process and I believe we arrived at a design that better suited our needs

Compare for the best service, not the cheapest.

We shopped around over a 2 month period, we received around 6 quotes from different architects the price and service varied considerably. We settled on a shortlist of 3, the lowest of which failed to reply to follow up enquiry, Sharpeplan quote and range of services clenched the deal, they were very transparent about their fees and I’m glad to say they delivered on the service

Loft conversion - Haringey

We need extra space and wasn't sure what we could get for our budget. We had a two-bedroom semi and needed an additional room because our sons were sharing didn't want to move and the additional space was a must. We wanted to save as much money as possible.

Kevin our builder introduced us to Sharpeplan who took care of the design process. We felt included throughout and was able to make some key design choices we have and will continue to recommend their service

Services undertaken

Extension - Redbridge

​​​We had another architect prepare or ​drawings which we thought included all we needed to build, when we ​got our approval we were shocked to find out we also needed building regulations approval.

We wasn't happy with our architect and found sharpeplan who have done a fantastic job in gaining building regulation approval , they also prepared out Thames water application which has also been approved

​Thanks guys"

Services undertaken

  • ​Plan preparation​
  • ​​building regulation application submission
  • Structural calculations
  • ​Plans for party wall agreement

Back again - Lewisham

We converted our loft around 8 years ago with Sharpeplan and we are back converting our second property, we just wanted to take the time to thank Nigel for his time expertise. It became apparent early on in the design process that he was a major asset and a godsend at such an early stage of the process, we always recommend Sharpeplan.

Services undertaken by Sharpeplan

Zayaan Nixon
Arwen Bailey
​Mr James Ketering
Mrs Jenkins
Mr A Dillard

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