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Sharpeplan provide low cost creative and constructive design solutions, we prepare Planning and Building Regulations Applications, drawings and specifications, energy efficiency calculations (SAPS), construction and structural engineering drawings with supporting calculations for local council approval.

We prepare plans for any building project large or small. Anything from new build projects to small internal alterations.

We are based in London and some of our services cover all areas Nationwide. If you live out side of London ​contact us to see how we can assist you.

Measured ​Site ​Surveys

​​Site survey is the most important part of the process, the existing needs to be establish before any proposal. The existing dimensions are key, so we only prepare our survey using laser measuring devices ​this increases accuracy and speed.

​Planning ​Drawings

​Our planning drawing are staged in preparation. First we will prepare a set of scaled draft plans for your approval. these are usually prepared form our site survey as detailed above but can be prepared from information provided by you, this type of service best suited to builders and other property professionals, as detailed measurement will be required.

​Proposed draft drawings are prepared to a scale of 1:100 which will allow measurement to be taken form the plans directly.

We will include front, side, rear elevations, roof plan, floor plans and a section we include free revisions to ensure you arrive at your desired design.

​Final plans will be prepared along with ordinance survey maps and location plans. ready for council submission

​Building Regulations drawing will include all the plans as detailed above to a scale of 1:50 detailed main section, Section details from 1:10 -1:20 showing how materials are composited to meet requirement in most  cases these details are bespoke, full builders and building control specification including structural, drainage layout.

​Party Wall Notice Drawings

​These are the junction details that are required by party wall surveyors to form part of an award​. so this may include weathering details of abutments where a dormer wall meets the roof, things like ​​cutting holes to insert beams and padstones, cutting in flashings and removing chimney breasts. for::

  • Party Structure Notice
  • Notice of Adjacent Excavation
  • ​Line of Junction Notice

​​We ​​provide structural calculation services ​​for building regulation approval. 

if your project calls for alteration to the existing structure then you may be required to submit structural calculations to support the design. ​

  • ​Steel / Flitch beams 
  • ​Cranked beams
  • ​Rafters / Floor Joists
  • ​Columns
  • Piers
  • Wind Posts
  • ​Goal Post / Picture Frame steel structures
  • ​Pad stone / bearing plate 
  • ​Retaining walls
  • ​Foundations design
  • ​Raft Foundations
  • ​splice / connection calculation and design.

SAP Calculations

If your design requires extensive glazing then you are required to provide calculations to demonstrate that the design will be thermally proficient. this is an important element and usually requires insulation to be increased in the walls, and roof.

when is this required?

when the amount of glazing exceeds 25% then SAP calculations will be required.​

​Thames Water Build-over Or Near Agreement

If you propose to build near a drain the you may be required to submit an agreement application for ​Thames water approval. you will ​need drawings which may also require structural calculations and details of how the structure will be supported. ​

​when is a Thames water agreement required?

​if you propose to build within ​3 metres of a public sewer or 1 meter of a ​lateral drain 

​as you can imagine this could be a problematic issue which if not explored at an early stage ​ may have huge cost implications

​External link:​ Do you need Thames Water approval

​Material Lists And Costings

​This is an additional service which is not included in our packages,

​If you would like a break down of the material costs for the build then this service will be the on for you, from foundations to paint our costing will include every thing in between. our prices are sourced from major retailers ​such as Travis Perkins ​Wicks, and Build Warehouse.

​​​Submit For Builder Tender

This is an additional service which is not included in our packages, 

​We enlist the most powerful cad design packages available to prepare our documents to the highest ​standards - utilizing ​BIM (Building Information Modeling) ​ we can provide any 3-D services required from:

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