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​DIY Loft Conversions

Are you planning to convert your loft?

A loft conversion is potentially the most complicated project to be carried out on a residential dwelling, and in most cases is certainly way beyond the capabilities of the average DIY enthusiast.

Depending on the type and age of your house, there may be structural issues that need to be satisfied. There is also the question of fire protection and a suitable means of escape to be considered, as you are changing a two storey dwelling to three storeys. The requirements for the degree of fire resistance to the elements of structure and the means of escape in case of fire are more onerous for a three storey dwelling. I do not intend to quote verbatim all the requirement of the Building Regulation as I would be here all night.

We offer advice and design services that will help you to plan your loft conversion, with design ideas and advice on the best way to complete your project. Our loft conversion specification and drawings will approve your design build prior to construction giving you that extra space.

A project that is well planned and executed will add value to your property and, according to research published by Egg at the end of 2004, a loft conversion can add up to four times more value than new kitchens or bedrooms.

Your plans should save you thousands when gathering quotes, all our plans are also provided in easy to read PDF format so you may email various building firms for comments and quotes. Alternatively we may submit your plans to a handpicked list of builders for their quotation.

Loft room with a view

One of the great advantages of loft conversions is the views that you will get from being above. Your current house may not have great views when you look out of the window, but the higher you go the more likely you are to improve the view out of your window, which will also increase the view out of your window. Lofts are often converted into special photo rooms or used to view the sky at night because of their great views.

Under new regulations that came into effect from 1 October 2008 a loft conversion may require a lawful development certificate if your conversion is for habitable accommodation then it needs to be planned professionally to ensure it confirms to stringent building regulations. Our architecture services will ensure your project receives planning and building regulation approval. Our technical draughtsmen will produce your plan to the highest standards and specifications.

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