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Plans for your loft conversion.

We provide a one stop planning and design service for attic conversions in and around London.

  Fixed Fees and pricing.

Strict pricing quotations specifically for your project requirement, that's right, we believe this is the only way for our clients to receive true value for money without paying for services they don't require. we will issue a itemised quotation that will be fixed throughout the duration of your design project, this could be as long as two months. "two months" I here you say, that's right most application will take around six to eight weeks to receive a decision from your planning and building regulation we submit your applications to local council and deal with any revisions that may be requested. this part of the process should not be rushed so if you plan to build this year it would be a good idea to get the ball rolling.

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  Were to start ?

Here are some simple steps forward to gain the planning permission and building regulations approval  for your project

  1. Fill out our short contact form here

  2. We will review your proposal 

  3. We will then provide you with our quotation with associated fees and services you may require we may also provide advice

  4. If you are happy with your quotation just reply that you would like to go ahead and we will allocate you with an onsite consultation, survey and get your project started.

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What's Included

From your ideas to construction our loft extension planning and design packages are second to none. We understand that a loft conversion may be a stressful process, from planning and building control departments it may be hard for some to keep up. Our standard plans and submission service will fill in the gap between your ideas and the first brick laid, because we provide full planning and building control services.

Planning and building regulation plans?

Two separate applications to two different departments at you local council, the planning and the building control departments. both interested in different aspects of your loft conversion. the planning department will generally be looking at the external appearance, were building control will be looking at the structure and ensuring standard are met.

  Turn Around

Our initial plans are usually prepared within seven days and our building regulation applications can run concurrently with the planning permission application allowing you to build as soon as approval is granted. our services are complete regarding planning and building regulation design, with all services in-house and tailored to your requirements and property, from surveying to structural calculations you can be sure that we are well equipped to handle the design of your Loft conversion.


General loft conversion Q&As

  The drawings. (example)

Here is a set of our building regulation plans for a Loft conversion project, and will give you an idea of the type of drawings your to expect, these include detailed sections floor plans full bespoke specification structural layouts all in strict accordance with building controls requirements we also offer structural calculations 3d modelling, material listing, as only a part of the services we can offer you.


exisiting floor plans proposed floor plans and 3d view
proposed floor plans including stair case loft structural drawings
construction drawigns details detailed plans
section details section details 3
steel to post detail


  1. We survey your site taking detailed measurements with laser accuracy.

  2. We prepare your architectural loft planning drawings

  3. We design with you online. making minor revisions to your agreed design.

  4. We submit your application to your local planning department

  5. We make any requested Alterations to drawings that may be required to approve.

  6. We will also resubmit your application if refused. 


 3D Services go to page>>


Imagine you could have a look at your proposed  loft conversion in a virtual setting, almost as if you were there, do you think this would allow you to make more informed design decisions at the early design stages rather than later that would inferably help you to make savings when it comes to the build. 9 out 10 of our clients have found this to be the case, we have listened carefully to our clients requirement and have developed a 3D document that will allow you to do just that this add-on service will allow full interactivity of the proposed development see how this works by clicking on the following link here


  What type of loft conversion?

As you look at the roof line at the back of you property along your road you will notice many loft conversions that have sprung up over the years, ranging from rear dormers, mansards, hip to gable, with Juliette balconies  rendered, tiled with or without roof lights, but to name a few variations.

Although your existing properties are very similar your loft conversions all will vary slightly depending on requirement, some will say that they now wished they had settled for an alternative design. The truth is there is no one perfect loft design, the issue is working out the one that is the best for you.

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